Tips for New Real Estate Agents – Part 2

Real Estate Tip 11: Choose Two Additional Lead Sources

When you start a real estate firm, marketing is crucial if you want to be successful. This fresh real estate agent advice will assist you in developing your brand and expanding your audience, which will generate more leads.

One of your main lead sources at first should be your database or sphere.

It’s advised to choose and put into practise two more lead generation pillars in addition to your database and sphere.

Our coaching members, who average 36 transaction sides every year, use these five sources the most:

  • Database
  • Geographic farming
  • Digital advertising
  • Open Houses/Virtual Open Houses
  • Circle Prospecting around recent sales/Yikes campaign

These are but a few of the places you might look to find more leads. To produce and convert more leads in less time, you can also benefit from resources like real estate agent tools and case studies.

Real Estate Tip 12: Get Comfortable on Video

Nothing currently interacts with consumers more quickly and successfully than real estate videos. If you’re uncomfortable speaking in front of a camera or don’t like the way your voice sounds, practise and gain confidence. Speaking in front of a camera will eventually come naturally to you.

The secret to making a successful video is to appear as though you’re speaking to a close friend or client.

The possibilities are unlimited once you start working in real estate, but here are a few that you may produce on a regular basis:

  • How’s the Market – Providing regular market updates
  • Did You Know? – Educating the public about real estate issues
  • Around Town With… – Feature local businesses, activities, destinations, all demonstrating your connection to the community

Notice these aren’t all strictly real estate-related. Talking about a wide range of topics can appeal to more viewers and help you gain more attention. 

Real Estate Tip 13: Get on Social Media

This real estate agent advice should go without saying, but make sure you participate in real estate videos and social media.

Moreover, be who you are!

On social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube, you can display both your professional and personal sides to the public. Giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look, educating them, and letting them in on your personality and sense of humour are all effective methods to interact with them and come off as more approachable.

Real Estate Tip 14: Practice Your Scripts

Practice makes perfect, which is why you should take time every morning to practice your scripts before meeting with clients. By memorizing your scripts, you can gain confidence when speaking and make selling homes easier.

To practice, find a partner you can role play with, such as a spouse, your kids, friends, family members, and co-workers. Spending just a few minutes a day to memorize your scripts will show your clients you’re informed and an expert in your field.

At Tom Ferry, we have a range of resources at your disposal, such as our real estate script book that you can review before any big meeting. Practicing scripts is a great way to build confidence and hone your skills.

Real Estate Tip 15: Make Your Calls

Making calls is an essential part of the work, despite the fact that it might not be the most interesting tip for novice real estate agents. By adhering to the straightforward 3-2-1 method, it goes as follows:

  • 3 hours of prospecting calls or other lead generation
  • Identify 2 leads
  • Set one appointment

You’ll have a tonne of success in this business if you stick to that plan every day. But it’s important to practise daily, not just when you have time or feel like it.

Real Estate Tip 16: Strategize & Implement

Your email strategy, direct mail strategy, and social media strategy are the three strategies you need to develop as a new agent.

You shouldn’t just wing it. Instead, take a seat, get to work, and discover best practises.

Then, be sure to implement, adhere to your plan, and regularly review metrics to determine whether adjustments are required.

Constantly learning and staying up to date on industry news and trends are essential parts of strategizing. You can find a lot of information online on how to strengthen your plan, whether you’re creating an email marketing campaign or expanding your social media presence.

Real Estate Tip 17: Master Your Presentation Skills

The key is to ask the proper questions. I had a good start because of that. Ann Schreiber

“Know your audience” is one of the most crucial sales and marketing maxims. On listing presentations, this is particularly accurate. Anne tries to adapt her presentation to the personality of the homeowner. For instance, she is aware that seeing the data will be crucial if they are highly analytical. Others might be more interested in the local amenities and way of life. As opposed to forcing the homeowner to suit your “one-size-fits-all” presentation, customise your presentation to the individual.

You shouldn’t be too particular about who you work with as a rookie agent. Every transaction, every showing, every renter, every buyer, every seller, and every investor can teach you something. Even if it doesn’t result in anything, it’s still educational.

It’s never too early to perfect your listing presentation, but at some point you’re probably going to want to concentrate more on listings as your true rainmaker.

Use your company’s statistics if you don’t yet have your own to present to a possible buyer. With friends, rehearse your presentation several times. It’s also best to record yourself and listen to the replay to see places where you may improve.

Your climb will happen more quickly the more at ease you become when presenting to clients to win their business.

Real Estate Tip 18: Be a Sponge

When you work in the real estate sector, there are many opportunities for you to continue learning throughout your career. These include reading books, going to conferences, finding a mentor, and shadowing top producers.

Take the time to observe how various people approach problems in different ways because there is no such thing as “learning too much” at this stage of your trip. Study everything, put what you like into practise, and throw out the rest.

You can also take advantage of a variety of tools and resources to develop your abilities. For instance, keeping up with new trends and competing in the real estate market can be accomplished by listening to the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience.

Real Estate Tip 19: Find Accountability

Everything you must do to succeed as a new agent might seem doable at this time.

However, once you enter the real estate sector, business picks up speed. You could find yourself overwhelmed by unfinished business and missed calls before you know it.

When you let your defences down, you suddenly find yourself strapped onto the “real estate rollercoaster”: wealthy/poor, busy/unbusy, high life/totally worried.

Consistency is crucial for solitary entrepreneurs because of this.

You won’t ever reach your full potential if you don’t practise discipline every day.

You must take responsibility if you want to continue working as a successful real estate agent.

You need someone to hold you responsible for the consistent activities and habits that lead to success, whether it’s another agent, your broker, a friend, a relative, or a coach.

Wrapping Up: What Should New Real Estate Agents Do?

You successfully completed all 19 of our new real estate agent advice for entering the industry. This agent guidance can help you manage and expand a successful firm, from comprehending the value of knowing the marketing to crafting a script and making your calls.

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